Shelf of Tales

Powerful story storage — for authors, by authors.

Never lose a story again

More than 0% of authors lose at least one story during their career — and that's too many! Saving your stories to Shelf of Tales protects you from the unthinkable; you can focus on writing while we focus on backing up every single revision, every step of the way.

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Track and organize your stories over time

Tag, track, and summarize each story so you can jump back to them any time. Our deep prose analysis can also help you improve your writing over time — or just before you're ready to get published.

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Protect your stories with layered copyright protection

Every story in Shelf of Tales includes multiple layers of copyright protection and optional registration with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Export your data any time

You can download any or all of your stories (and all of their backed-up revisions!) any time you want, in a variety of useful formats.

We'll back you up, writer.

Indent Labs has been around since 2015. We also run for worldbuilders and have exciting plans to assist writers through every stage of the writing process.

Shelf of Tales is an obvious next step and we're excited to have you along for the journey!









Our Promise to You

Our focus is assisting you through your writing career. No tricks, no hidden fees, no complex software — just powerful, easy-to-use, useful tools.

All stories are private by default
Keep 100% ownership of your uploaded stories
No ads, anywhere
Export your data at any time
No data sold to third parties
No hidden fees or data lockouts


Take Your Writing to the Next Level

For our most ambitious authors, we also provide an optional assortment of paid features designed to be there when you need them and assuming when you don't.

Deep prose analysis

Our state-of-the-art system uses artificial intelligence to analyze your writing and generate detailed, actionable reports.

Extra Protection

Automatically extend your backups to additional services and locations so you're even safer against catastrophic data loss.

Stylistic Matching

See which published authors you write most like — and what specific aspects of your writing style are similar or different.


Get matched with publishers

Let our prose analysis match you with the publishers actively looking for your style and see which of your stories have the highest chance to be accepted by them.


Track publication submissions

Our integrated submission tracker lets you easily submit your stories to publishers and track their status every step of the way.


While we're still building all of these exciting features, everything is currently free to use.
A list of features and tentative pricing will be available soon. Any stories you back up during this beta period will receive free storage forever.