beautiful words backed up so far

Powerful backups made easy

We make it easy to back up and store your hard work long-term without stress.

You're a writer — we're here to help.

Redundant Backups

Every upload is redundantly backed up to industry-leading storage powered by Amazon servers located across the globe, copied to at least three different servers to avoid even the worst hard drive failures.

Accessible Revision History

Every version of every story you upload is backed up and accessible to you — and only you. As you change your story over time (and back up each revision), you're able to scroll back through time and browse or recover every single edit.

Private by Default

Every upload is encrypted with server-side SSE-S3 and only accessible to you when you're logged in to the site. All downloads are signed, dated, and served over secure HTTPS connections.

We've been trusted by 66 authors to back up 2 revisions of 7 stories.

And we're doing great so far!