Save and organize all of your stories

Every time you change your story and back it up, you create a new revision. Each revision is securely stored in redundant storage, encrypted server-side, and readily available to you—and only you—any time you need it.

You can also add descriptions, tags, and labels to each revision to keep them more organized than just using filenames in a big folder of rewrites. Every revision also comes with a detailed per-revision writing style analysis, copyright protection, and recoverable backups.


Original version v1 Writing

wrote a beginning and outlined the basic plot with a few notes on theme


First Draft v4 Revising

finished first draft but I probably want to rewrite the end and hammer more at the theme


Final Draft v26 Done



FINAL Final Draft v53 Done

the previous draft was terrible so I rewrote everything and it's actually great now


Perks of revision-based backups

Story Stages

Progress through the stages of writing a story and track where each revision is:

Idea Writing Revising Done

Story Tags

Organize your stories with whatever organizational tags you want!

Fiction Adventure Coming of Age Fantasy

Copyright protection

The contents of every single revision are hashed several different ways to detect and protect against plagiarism at a deep level.

Analyze your writing with artificial intelligence

Every single revision is analyzed by our world-class StorySmarts analysis engine, which provides structural, stylistic, and syntactic reports — which you can use to see how readers will receive your story and fine-tune it to your goal... revision by revision.